Crypto Social Media Marketing: Ultimate Guide For Creating Content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Crypto Social Media Marketing
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Crypto Social Media Marketing is a leading strategy for popularizing your cryptocurrency project. However, many project owners need more time or skills to promote their projects on social media. This post provides a step-by-step guide to creating marketing messages on various social media platforms.

What is Crypto Social Media Marketing?

Although cryptocurrency is a relatively new technology, it has attracted many projects. This means that the competition in the industry is stiff as each project tries to compete for the attention of finicky investors. That’s how crypto social media marketing comes in handy. Crypto social media marketing is a way of popularizing digital currencies through various social media platforms.

Marketers promote different forms of content through the crypto social media platforms. Content writing is one of the best ways of attracting the attention of potential buyers. Besides engaging users, social media content creates awareness and drives traffic to their projects.

Crypto Social Media Marketing requires creativity and an in-depth knowledge about users. Furthermore, different social media platforms have various features and requirements. So, the type of content you create must meet the needs of the platform. For example, Twitter requires short messages, so knowledge of how to craft short posts is crucial. On the other hand, Facebook gives you the freedom to write short and long messages.

What are the benefits of crypto social media content writing?

Social media has become a central component of a successful digital marketing strategy. So, to be ahead of the competition, it’s crucial to understand how to write social media content for your brand. Here are the reasons social media content writing is vital:

  • Enhances business awareness: An essential objective of promoting your crypto project is to create awareness. Users can only buy from a brand that they’re aware of. Many people will be knowledgeable about your brand if you regularly post content on social media.
  • Generates buzz around your project: a compelling reason for crypto social media marketing is creating buzz. Developing and sharing great content will spark conversations around your brand. These conversations are critical as you understand how people view your brand. Furthermore, you’ll be able to engage with your audience and respond to their questions.
  • Provides an opportunity to tell your brand’s narrative: social media platforms offer you a chance to tell impactful stories about your brand. The storytelling strategy is an excellent way of building personal connections with your target audience.
  • Addresses your audience’s pain points: Social media writing allows you to elaborate on your target audience’s issues. Once you articulate these issues, you can explain the features of your product that offer a solution.
  • Enhancement of brand loyalty: when you regularly share informative content on social media, your target audience will view you as an authority. Thus, you’ll have a loyal customer base supporting your marketing efforts.
  • Help attract visitors to your platform: Besides search engine optimization strategies, social media writing can help draw traffic to your website. Writers use a call to action phrase that audiences click to land on your website. You’ll likely sell more when you have more traffic to your platform.
  • Content repurposing: Not everybody can see the great content you produce on various channels. So, writing for social media can help to repurpose your existing content. For example, you can repurpose the great video content you produced for social media audiences.

Best Practices When Creating Social Media Content For Crypto Project

Do you want to promote your brand via social media writing? If so, here are the tips and hacks to help you:

  • Use active voice: active voice boosts the engagement level of your audience. Furthermore, the voice avoids beating around the bush and directly identifies the action and the person performing it.
  • Give your audience a central focus: while you can talk about your brand, it’s critical to remember that the audience deserves more attention. So, you must ensure that your target users are at the center of your narrative. Experienced social media writers use more ‘you’ voice than ‘us.’
  • Create shareable stuff: crypto social media marketing experts understand the importance of creating shareable content. People will share your content if it’s valuable, entertaining, and easy to follow. For example, if your copy explores a pain point, try to hint to your audience how the linked content will solve their problem.
  • Ensure that your copy information matches your target page. Your copy message must fit your targeted page when linking an outside page. This ensures that you honor your promise when creating the social media copy. Thus, before you post the copy, ensure you’ve linked it to pages with helpful content.
  • Strive for conciseness: social media audiences like simple stuff they can easily digest. They lack time to read complex messages that they can take time to understand. Thus, while writing copy for social media, striving for conciseness is essential. Ensure that you have one or two sentences that capture what you want to say.
  • Spark curiosity: when linking to another blog post, providing scant details about it is critical. This sparks readers’ interest to click the link for complete information.

Steps For Writing Crypto Social Media Content On Various Platforms

Each social media platform has unique features, objectives, and target audiences. So, you must write following the platform requirements you want to post your copy. Here are the primary social media platforms and tips for writing for each:


Facebook is a robust platform that must feature in your digital marketing strategy. Brands should create engaging and informative content to attract and retain the target audience. However, many businesses fail to garner the necessary engagement because of poor copy. So, crafting high-quality content should be your priority when writing for Facebook audiences. Here are the tips to help you create profound Facebook content that engage, inform, and sell:

Pose engaging questions:

A great way to start writing Facebook copy is to ask an engaging question. Contentious, ambiguous, or humorous questions are likely to hook your audience. Examples of great questions to intrigue your audience include:

  • Which child deserves to die from hunger?
  • Why do you keep delaying taking steps to succeed?
  • 10 types of leaders-which one are you?

Keep it short and sweet (KISS)

When interacting with your potential users for the first time, you should use the KISS formula to craft your copy. It’s critical to provide only a few details about your brand initially. At first, your focus should be developing succinct and attention-catching headlines. Your content should be simple to read, capturing the features and benefits of your brand.

Make it visually appealing.

Adding visuals to your content helps grab your target audiences’ attention. Furthermore, visuals help to communicate your points well. Some trendy visuals to use include expressive photos, infographics, screenshots, memes, and videos.

Craft educational content

Once you grab the attention of your customers, the next move entails educating them about your products/services. You can only win their hearts when you offer them more than what they get from your competitors. Here are the steps of creating informative Facebook content:

  • Study your competitors: researching your rivals allows you to understand what is missing in the market. You can then create a copy that fills out the gap.
  • Find the pain points of your target audience: identifying the struggles of your target audience helps you to create content that meets their needs. For example, if much of the information available lacks value for your target audience, you should strive to create valuable content.
  • Focus on a popular theme: once you identify a trendy subject, do in-depth research about it and create exciting content. You can convert your content into an interesting ebook or whitepaper.

Create attention-grabbing headlines

Your Facebook copy will perform well if you use attention-catching headlines. When writing your headlines, ensure you’re more specific and use powerful words. For example, instead of saying ‘How to create Facebook sales copy,’ write ‘8 Great tips for writing Facebook sales copy that  attracts 90% sales.’’

Utilize intelligent Call-To-Action (CTA)

Smart CTAs encourage your audiences to perform specific actions. Once you inform users about your product, it’s critical to ask them to do something.

Writing For Twitter

Twitter is a central platform when creating your crypto social media marketing strategy. Understanding how to create Tweets that attract more audiences and clicks to your project is vital. Remember, Twitter appeals to individuals looking for the latest information. So, headlines are crucial when crafting content for Twitter. Here are the tips and tricks for creating attractive tweets:

  • Let individuals know what you’re talking about: Twitter is a fast-paced platform, and people lack time to think about what you’re talking about. So, you need to be ultra-specific when creating your tweets.
  • Utilize data on your tweets: remember to utilize numbers and stats when writing your tweets. For example, instead of writing, ‘Know how to make money online,’ say, Learn how to make $100 in two hours.’
  • Develop interest in your tweets: infusing curiosity into your tweets can attract people to your message. You can do this by posing questions or using some mind-boggling figures.
  • Use powerful words: powerful can motivate people to keep reading your blog. For example, instead of talking about tips for marketing, talk about mind-boggling tips to help you succeed in your marketing.
  • Pose the right questions: starting your tweet with a question is a great way of hooking people to your tweet. People will read through to get answers or perceived responses to those questions.
  • Promise and deliver: individuals want to know what they can gain from reading your tweet. So, it’s important to have a promise and ensure that you fulfill it.
  • Include a call to action (CTA): Your tweet should inform people what they should do after reading it. So, strategically positioning a call-to-action phrase is critical.

How To Write Instagram Captions

Instagram is a platform that focuses on pictorial content. However, you need to write captions for your image. Creating interesting captions boosts the engagement level and attracts many to your business. Here are the tips to help you write for Instagram:

  • Use emojis: emojis drive Instagram as they add fun, personality, and excitement to your caption. So, you need to utilize them to engage your potential audiences. You can use these cartoon-like emoticons at the beginning, middle, or end.
  • Subdivide long texts into manageable paragraphs: long paragraphs take much work to read on Instagram. So, you need to break up the long chunks of text into smaller ones.
  • Have the critical information at the beginning: although the maximum character for Instagram posts is around 2200 words, most text is cut off in user’s feeds. So, you need to frontload the most crucial information at the beginning of your text. This means that call-to-action phrases should feature in the front, while hashtags and other extra details should be at the end.
  • Include a maximum of 4 hashtags: hashtags help link up individuals who aren’t connected. However, these users have the same interests and converse about similar topics, brands, and activities. If you want to incorporate hashtags into your text, have a maximum of four. Remember, too many hashtags may appear spammy and discourage readers from your post. Also, hashtags should appear at the end of your text.

Tips For Writing LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where brands and professionals from various industries can share important insights and information. Furthermore, LinkedIn is a prominent lead generator, making it an essential component of your crypto social media marketing strategy. The following tips can help you write engaging posts on LinkedIn:

  • Share long-form content: LinkedIn audiences love interacting with long-form writing, such as articles and blog posts. You can communicate your message in plain text and get the audience to read through it. So, avoid struggling to include fancy photos or videos. The most crucial point is that you should be clear about the message you want to put across and how it will benefit your users.
  • Include relevant hashtags: Get more eyeballs to your post by including pertinent hashtags it. However, you should only add a few hashtags to your posts.
  • Incorporate emojis: using various emoticons helps to reinforce your social media crypto message and make it more appealing.
  • Craft an attention-grabbing headline: you have the shortest time to grab the user’s attention. Writing a great headline can help readers pause and read your message. Strategies like using figures, satire, and questions can help grab your users’ attention.
  • Guide the audience on what to do: once you’re through with explaining your ideas, tell your readers what they should do next. For example, you can invite readers to comment, like your article, or share your post. Instructing your audience to take specific actions encourages user engagement.
  • Avoid including links to your website: it’s advisable to avoid linking your post to an external website. LinkedIn algorithms don’t like this, resulting in low engagement and views. However, you can state in your post that users can find the link in the comment section.

Key Takeaways For Crypto Social Media Marketing

A crypto social media marketing strategy can help you reach many people and educate them about your project. You can only reap the benefits of social media crypto promotion if you understand how and what to post on various platforms. This guide has explored the best strategies for writing crypto content for multiple platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, learning to create and post content on social media requires time. You can avoid wasting time by hiring an experienced crypto social media writer to help you. Contact Topnotch Creatives for an in-depth discussion about your crypto social media marketing strategy.


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