How to create a killer email marketing content campaign: 13 strategies to use

How to create a killer email marketing content campaign: 13 strategies to use

The success of your email marketing content campaigns largely depends on the quality of the content you create. Like any digital content, email marketing also subscribes to the principle that content is the king. Understanding how to create a killer content can go a long way in converting your campaigns into tangible positive results. But, a critical question is: how do you craft a killer email content that enhances conversions? Stay tuned for juicy tips and killer tactics.

Use simple language

The best tactic of crafting an email marketing content is to use simple language. Remember, most subscribers don’t have time to figure out the meaning of difficult words and expressions. However, simplicity should not injure the power of your message. As you keep simple, ensure that your copy is compelling to grab the attention of your subscribers.

Create easy to scan content

When creating the email content, ensure that you don’t overwhelm your subscribers with long and wordy paragraphs. Instead, break your content into simple punchy subheadings, bites of information, and bulleted lists. This tactic enables your readers to navigate through the content quickly and grasp the gist of your message. Adding an image to your content can also catch the attention of your audience.

Use the ‘you’ tone

When writing email marketing content, ensure that you use a conversational tone. It’s critical to tell the audience how the services you provide will transform their lives. It would help if you addressed them directly by applying the ‘you’ voice. You need to minimize the amount of information you give about yourself and the company you work for. The idea is to focus on how the service/product that you offer benefits your subscribers. While writing the content, avoid the following words: ‘me’, ‘we’, ‘I’ and ‘us’.

Organize your email marketing content logically

Readers want information which is well organized and flowing well. To achieve this goal, ensure that you have short paragraphs each with a single idea. You can further enhance the flow of your copy by using bullets lists and subheadings.

Choose the right tools

Multiple tools are in the market that can assist you in creating an engaging email copy. Ensure that you apply the right ones when crafting your message.

Understand who you’re writing for

Knowing your audiences assists you to write email marketing content suitable for them. The language you use when writing for the youth may be different from the style you apply when writing for adults. The social analytics and your interactions with clients can assist you in creating the buyer personas. If you understand who you’re writing for, you’ll create compelling and clickable email messages.

Use words that arouse the emotions of readers

When writing email marketing content, it’s advisable to use words that stimulate the feelings of your readers. There are many techniques that you may apply to achieve this goal. These include the application of analogies, use of sensory words, and call to action (CTA) information.

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Use psychology in your email marketing tactic

Understanding how the human psychology works and what influences people’s behaviour can assist you in creating a copy that can attract multiple clicks and conversions. You can use various tactics to change the behaviour of your subscribers. For instance, you can offer a discount and indicate that it is available for one day only. Because of being afraid of missing out, many subscribers may rush to buy the product/service.

You can also apply multiple tactics to achieve this goal. These include the use of appropriate colours on the CTA buttons and images.

Understand your objective

Before crafting any email marketing content, it’s critical to understand your goal. Each of your email should have a specific purpose that you intend to achieve. Having an objective can help you in crafting a more focused content. You need to avoid stuffing your copy with multiple objects if you want to succeed in your email marketing.

Use a compelling call to action messages when crafting email marketing content

When writing email marketing content, it’s critical to use persuasive words on the CTA section. The section should be well-spread throughout the text. Words like ‘buy now’, ‘don’t wait’, ‘sign up today’ can elicit action.

Explain the benefits of your offerings

Some email copywriters list the features of a product without mentioning how it can benefit the client. The best strategy is to explain how the elements of your product can help your client.

The subject line should capture the content

The primary heading of your email marketing content should be in line with the body paragraphs. Clients may lose trust in you if what you have on the subject line and pre-header is different from what you’re talking about in your email’s body. It’s advisable to use powerful words that can trigger a reaction.

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