Texas law and Car seats

Texas law and Car seats

Road Traffic Accidents are among the leading causes of death among children in the US. For instance, in 2018, nearly 636 children aged 12 and below died due to motor vehicle crashes while traveling in vehicles. In the same year, a staggering figure of approximately 116,000 children sustained injuries due to accidents. As part of preventive measures, Texas law and car seats has various safety regulations that govern how children should travel in vehicles to lessen injuries or death in case of an accident.

The laws ensure that children who haven’t attained the age of fastening seat belts are safe while riding in vehicles. As a parent or guardian, it’s essential to equip yourself with information about these laws to enhance your child’s safety and remain legally safe while traveling. Keep reading for more information about child seat laws in Texas.

Parental Obligation about child seats

It’s the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that children are correctly restrained in a vehicle while sitting on government-endorsed car seats. An essential resource where parents can get information about the appropriate seats for children is ‘Click it or Ticket Program.’

Basic Guidelines

Wondering what is the texas law for child car seats? While traveling with children, parents, or guardians should keep in mind the various safety laws. For instance, children must take the back seat and avoid the front ones. In the case of an accident, a child seated at the front may be seriously injured because the airbags may not protect them appropriately. Children are small in size and may not be adequately protected by airbag deployment in the event of a crash. It’s advisable to hold your child in a booster seat before attaining a height of 4’9” to minimize severe injuries during a collision.

Car Seat Regulations for babies

While traveling, it’s vital to guard infants on the car seat. Remember, the child’s framework mainly comprises cartilage prone to serious injury during a car collision. Texas laws require that children below a year should be held in a back-facing car chair.

Texas Car Seat Rules for Toddlers

If your child has outgrown the back-facing car chair, have them use a forward-facing car seat. In most cases, children aged between one and two should use this seat until they attain the vehicle’s seat’s maximum upper height.

Like the rear-facing seat, the forward-facing seat should be safely fastened in the back seat of your car. Most toddlers may tend to refuse being seated, but ensure that you do so to improve their safety. Texas laws require that children continue using safety car seats till they hit 36 inches.

Texas Regulations on Booster Seats

Four-year-old children and those who’ve attained 40 pounds can use a booster seat. It would help if you safely fastened such a child into the car’s back seat using a shoulder strap and lap. The child should keep using a booster seat until age eight or weigh at least 80 pounds. From between ages eight and twelve, your child can start using safety belts for adults.

Car seat installation for children

If you don’t fix the child’s seat properly in your car, it may not be safe for them. While installing the seat, ensure that the seat belt holds the chair safely. It’s advisable to hire a technician who can fix the seat securely.

What happens if an accident takes place?

Sometimes accidents happen despite observing all the rules. If you or your child get involved in an accident that occurs because of recklessness by another driver, it’s essential to consult an injury lawyer for the best way forward. At Johnsongarcialaw.com, we’re professional in this area and can offer you the legal assistance you require to file a case against the negligent driver.


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